I shape great strategies for boosting brands

I’ll help you experience all the benefits of publicity, loyalty and interaction with customers and partners

I’ll help you experience all the benefits of publicity, loyalty and interaction with customers and partners

Официальный сайт • Дарья Волкова

I work both with innovative IT products and classic businesses. Implementing large-scale projects — go-to-market strategies, rebrandings, PR campaigns or employer brand strategies. I also cooperate with C-level managers as a personal brand mentor.

I understand how and what has to be optimized, what can be added or removed to achieve a business result. I ask the right questions and identify growth points. I make sure my customers feel comfortable working and communicating with me.

What opportunities do I open up for you?

Present your product or company by emphasizing your strengths, create added value, build trust and LTV, and become a lovemark.

Rethink the values and roles in the team, taking into account the current market situation and future development prospects.

Understand your customer better — from the very first contact to a series of repeat purchases. Establish an effective long-term relationship and expand a loyal customer pool.

See the holistic picture and identify emerging growth opportunities — for you and your business.

I’m a business and brand strategist, consultant, founder of the Pink Lions agency, lecturer and mentor for startups.

9 years of experience in promoting IT products and classic businesses. My main areas of expertise are fintech and banking, blockchain & crypto, education, real estate.

I'm interested in contemporary and digital art, especially NFT. Running a YouTube vlog and a Telegram channel. For more details, go to the “About me” section.

About me
Бизнес-стратег • Дарья Волкова

In addition to project work, I conduct consultations and strategy sessions. I have over 75 consultations for individual entrepreneurs and business teams in my portfolio. I give feedback on the relevance of strategy and tactics, offer ideas for further brand development, analyze communication and public manifestations, and help define an action plan.

You can easily reach out to me and arrange a meeting!

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When is it worth working with a Brand Strategist?

If you are planning to create a new product or service, you need to analyze and validate your idea, get a fresh view and help with turning strategy into clear tactics
If you hit the “ceiling” of your capabilities — you need a retrospective and search for new ideas for development
If you have a low average check size, low % of repeat purchases and short LTV of customers
If you get a constant feeling “something needs to be done, but I don’t know where exactly to start”
History is cyclical, so the onset of another crisis is inevitable. Periods of "stability" are getting shorter and shorter, which means that tomorrow your business will not be able to grow following the strategy you defined 3-5 years ago.

Under the conditions of uncertainty, the values, principles and vision — of oneself, the product, the team and the market - come to the fore. Following the established strategic frameworks allows businesses to experience more freedom when it comes to making decisions and finding the best solutions.

There is nothing permanent except change. It is worth regularly reviewing needs and refining values, company culture, communication in the team and with clients, changing visually and standing out from competitors — first of all, for your own sake.

Решаю головную боль владельцев бизнеса • Дарья Волкова

Start changing for the better without waiting for another crisis. And I’ll do my best to help you with this!

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