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Rebranding of the Letterz School — a chain of Kyiv schools teaching foreign languages

Успешный кейс • Дарья Волкова

For 6 years the school operated under a different name. During this time, more than 1,000 students successfully graduated, however, the visual part and communication did not strengthen the brand. Naturally, there was a need for a comprehensive update — to change the name, corporate identity, website, and communication.

Улучшение бизнес показателей • Дарья Волкова Улучшение бизнес показателей • Дарья Волкова
Результат работы • Дарья Волкова Результат работы • Дарья Волкова

What has been done:

Business model and pricing overhaul
Audience analysis, 4 customer portraits, Customer Journey Map
Strategic session with a team
Brand positioning and value proposition
New name
Corporate identity management
Content on the site, site creation management with the developer
Communication strategy and PR
Standardization of processes and creation of a guidebook for customer service
Working with the personal brand of the founder of the school
Consulting support

The work had started with a strategy — I held a strategy session with the school owners and teachers, interviewed students and potential target audiences.

After analyzing the audience and business processes, we decided to focus on teaching school children 6-16 years old, since the chain's schools are located in a residential area of the city. The choice of school in most cases depends on the parents, therefore, another target audience, in addition to schoolchildren, are mothers aged 33 to 45 years. Our survey has shown that mothers are looking for courses for children.

I created the name Letterz School to reflect the linguistic theme, mood and tone most clearly. In the word “Letterz” the last letter “S” has been deliberately replaced with “Z”. So the name looks more interesting and modern.

Пример работы • Дарья Волкова

Together with a designerAndrii Bondar we searched about 100 direct and indirect competitors, got acquainted with the work of bloggers popular among teenagers in order to develop an expressive corporate identity that will be unmistakably recognized by the school's clients.

As usual, the logo font was designed from scratch. This is a personalized approach that makes registering a trademark much easier.

The graphics are built on the basis of educational areas — each is indicated by its own sign and color. The rhombus is the all-around development and expansion of the worldview for adults, the triangle is the upward striving and growth for children, the circle is a symbol of the goal towards which all graduates who pass external exams.

A guidebook is developed for all clients — a guide to using the logo and corporate elements (color, font, safe zones, etc.). This helps to maintain a consistent look and feel and speed up future design work.

Пример работы • Дарья Волкова

The main tasks of the website: to highlight the school among the competitors, to convey information about the courses and to tell about the school simply and clearly. Even at the strategy stage, the main package proposals relevant to the new business positioning were formulated.

The main communication is via Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber. We have developed a style of posts, a tone of voice, with which in an unobtrusive way and with humor the team tells about the school news.

Улучшение бизнес показателей • Дарья Волкова
Результат работы • Дарья Волкова


After the release, there was a lot of positive feedback from students and their parents. Now the school is actively developing — new branches are opening, the team is growing, I continue to advise the founders on the Employer Brand, personal brand, communication, and creative ideas.

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Пример работы • Дарья Волкова

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